About Us

The LVRG journey began on a chairlift at Vail, where an exhausted entrepreneur found inspiration. Tired of the overhead and stress of the successful service business he'd built, Mike Cooch craved the freedom and potential of an online business. The pivotal moment came when he made his first online sale while he was skiing - one of his passions - sparking a vision of leveraging the internet to build lifestyle businesses that gave him the freedom, money, and impact he truly desired. Since then, he's built multiple successful online businesses in training, software, and ecommerce, cultivated entrepreneurial communities, and experienced both triumphs and failures. He wouldn't have it any other way, and he loves working with B.O.L.D. Entrepreneurs that feel the same way!


At LVRG, our passion is helping B.O.L.D. Entrepreneurs™️ discover the mindset, strategies, techniques, and tools that give you leverage – achieving maximum results for your effort – to build a business and life with more freedom, more money, and more impact.


Our Vision

Is to build a global community of thriving B.O.L.D. Entrepreneurs ™️ that have freedom of time, money, and location, empowering them to make the greatest contribution to their families and communities.


Our Purpose

Is to advance what we call ‘Evolved Capitalism’, our vision of capitalism where thriving lifestyle businesses are the foundation of our communities – not giant corporations with no real connection to people and communities. We believe in building kick-ass, profitable businesses that also give you a life that you love!


Our Core Values

Include 1. Leading with Value, 2. Delivering 10X Value, 3. Be the Example, 4. Respect the Dream, 5. Embracing Simplicity, Scalability, Repeatability, and Profitability, 6. Prioritizing People Over Profits, and 7. Being on Offense at all times!


B.O.L.D. Entrepreneurs™️

We are committed to serving B.O.L.D. Entrepreneurs™️—those with a growth mindset, a passion for entrepreneurship, grit and resourcefulness, accountability, and a bias for action-taking. If you’re a force of nature, ready to overcome challenges and willing to put in the work, we want to help you build a business that gives you a life that you love (B.O.L.D. stands for Business Ownership + Lifestyle Design)!

Clarence Fisher
You don’t have to be smart to get INTO business, but you’d better get smart quick to STAY in business. That’s what Michael Cooch’s training has allowed me to do, win clients and deals for almost a decade.


– Founder, Tulsa IM

Josh Nelson
Thank you Michael Cooch. Your training, coaching and guidance over the years has been instrumental in our continued growth and success!


– CEO Plumbing & HVAC SEO

Nehal Kazim
A HUGE thank you to Michael and his team for hosting the Bootcamp! I have attended over 20+ conferences in Toronto and North America and I have to say that this was the most content packed and action-oriented conference I have attended.


– Founder | Amplify Facebook Ads Agency

Tako Nijsse
I love the clarity that you give during those calls man. And how you seem to speak out of own experience and not just some general fluff.


– Online Marketing Coach | De Online Marketing Coach

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Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work building a business that gives you more freedom, more money, and more impact?

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All the best,

Mike Cooch & The LVRG Team